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Welcome Message LAWASIA Human Rights Section

On 7th and 8th March 2020, the Supreme Court Bar Association of Nepal, with the support of the Nepal Bar Association are hosting the 2nd LAWASIA Human Rights Conference at Kathmandu.

Globally, we are at a moment when human rights are under siege. The climate crisis has attained a state of exceptional urgency, the refugee crisis shows no sign of abating, and we are witnessing the rise of authoritarian governments. However, this is also the time for renewing hope and rebuilding alliances. Under the theme ‘Human Rights – From Retreat to Rebuilding and Renewal,’ we are bringing together eight panels. The panels will discuss the state of human rights in the fields of gender and sexuality; interrogate the independence of human rights agencies; unpack the intersections between human rights law and climate change; debate the risks faced by human rights defenders and explain the rights of refugees and migrants.

We hope to build on the enthusiasm generated by the inaugural LAWASIA Human Rights Conference at New Delhi which was held in February 2019. We envision that coming together will enable us to discuss critical issues, take stock of the victories gained along the way, and forge much needed regional ties.

Kathmandu in early March is beautiful, and a haven for those interested in walks through nature and trekking. Springtime in the Himalayas is the season of the rhododendron, and witnessing their red bloom spread across these sacred mountains is just a short trip away. Kathmandu is a vibrant city, full of ancient temples and a hospitable people.

Hope to see you all at the Conference.

Shyam Divan
Co-Chair, Human Rights Section, LAWASIA

This has been a momentous year for human rights, both for its highs and lows. It is the year that a young woman travelled across the Atlantic in a sailboat to address world leaders at the UN for failing to take meaningful steps against the climate crisis; and the year where countries have seen massive citizen-led protests erupt.

The Supreme Court Bar Association of Nepal and the Nepal Bar Association have worked to bring together leading minds from across the region to Kathmandu.  The 2nd LAWASIA Human Rights Conference (7th and 8th March, 2020) will be a platform for practitioners from several jurisdictions to share their experiences on human rights advocacy and the challenges ahead. We hope to build momentum and strengthen on the bonds developed through the Inaugural Human Rights Conference held in February 2019 at New Delhi.

With the support of LAWASIA, a strong voice for the legal profession in the region, this conference looks forward to encouraging lawyers in the Asia Pacific region to build closer connections. We are delighted and grateful that the Supreme Court Bar Association of Nepal and the Nepal Bar Association have taken the initiative to host a LAWASIA event in Nepal after several years.

Prof. Yasushi Higashizawa
Co-Chair, Human Rights Section, LAWASIA

LAWASIA, Nepal Bar Association and Supreme Court Bar Association extends its gratitude to the Rt. Honorable Cholendra Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana Chief Justice of Nepal for consenting to inaugurate and address the 2nd LAWASIA Human Rights Conference, Kathmandu 2020.

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